Feel Like A Guest At Your Own Event

At VIB Events, we can provide full front of the house staff for any event. This includes supervisors, wait staff, bartenders, bar assists, coat check attendants and even specialized staff, such as cocktail wait staff and brand ambassadors. Our staff arrive elegantly dressed in black-on-black. However, with a little notice we can tailor our attire to suit your event. From wigs and costumes, to specialty T-shirts and coloured ties, we can easily complement any event. 




Supervisors provide direction to all front-of-the-house staff. They liaise with the event host/hostess, planner, venue, wait staff and kitchen staff, pitching in where needed. They have prior knowledge of all event related information such as the menu, rentals and schedule. The Supervisor oversees the set-up and tear down of the event from start to finish.


Wait Staff

Wait Staff are responsible for the full set up of event space including tableware, buffet and display décor. They conduct all table service and assist kitchen staff with light kitchen duties (bread baskets, dips/condiments, buffet food displays). Waiters and waitresses ensure all set-up and tear down of the events, in a clean and timely manner.



Bartenders handle the full set up of the bar including glassware, garnishes, alcohol and display décor. They ensure all set-up and tear down of the events, in a clean and timely manner. They assist wait staff with wine service and clearing at off-peak times during the event.


Coat Check Staff

Coat Check staff are a must for any busy event. They organize the storage and return of all coats, bags, umbrellas, etc. so that guests can focus on having a great time.

Cocktail Wait Staff

Similar to wait staff, only cocktail staff are dressed according to the theme of the event. This includes anything from traditional cocktail waitress attire to elaborate costume themes.   

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors will represent your brand by becoming experts on your products or services. They will communicate your key messages with enthusiasm and create a buzz around your brand.