VIB Events provides impeccably presented service staff for your corporate or private functions.


Feel Like A Guest At Your Own Event


At VIB Events, we can provide full front of the house staff for any event. This includes supervisors, wait staff, bartenders, bar assists, coat check attendants and even specialized staff, such as cocktail waitresses and brand ambassadors. Our staff arrive elegantly dressed elegantly in black-on-black. However, with a little notice we can tailor our attire to suit your event. From wigs and costumes, to specialty T-shirts and coloured ties, we can easily complement any event. 


We Treat Every Event As If It Were Our Own

Our Staff Are An Extension Of Your Brand


VIB Events' dedication to first-rate staff training is what sets it apart from other agencies – a fact that is consistently noted by clients. By providing hands-on staff instruction with classroom-style training programs developed in-house, VIB sets the bar high for its recruits. Assigned as “extras” at events, new staff members benefit from gaining experience in the field under supervision, learning quickly about attention to detail and the value of a positive attitude. 



We're Ready To Help Make Your Event A Success


At VIB, we provide the best service possible in a way we’d want to experience ourselves! 
We operate in an industry built on trust. That can only be achieved through communication and experienced support – from the first contact to the end of your event and into the next. We are here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and to ultimately create the best event experience for you and your guests.